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We stock, sell, install, deliver, and unlock safes.

More and more homeowners are purchasing safes for their to secure valuable items such as documents, jewelry, and guns. If you have a safe in your home, the time may come when you’ll need to call a safe locksmith. Hoffman’s Locksmith provides safe locksmith services and can solve any problem you may have with your safe. Common types of safes we work on include:

  • Wall Safe
  • Freestanding Floor Safe
  • In-Floor Safe
  • Jewelry Safes
  • Combination Home Safe
  • American-Made Gun Safes
  • B-rated Safes
  • TL-15 Safes
  • Drop Safes
  • Cash Safes
  • Gun Safes
image of 4 types of safes: wall, freestanding floor safe, in-floor safe, and gun safe

We sell, install, and service a wide variety of safes for your home including wall safes, freestanding floor safes, in-floor safes, and gun safes.

Safe Unlocking & Safe Cracking

If you’ve lost your safe keys or forgotten the combination, depending on the type of safe, Hoffman’s Locksmith will use a number of different methods to open your safe:

  • Manipulating the Lock – The method of manipulating the lock involves the safe locksmith listening carefully to the safe as an attempt is made to open it. The locksmith will listen to try and move the dial with its corresponding wheels into alignment. Once the sound is heard which indicates the driver pin has hit the notch on the wheel fly, the locksmith knows the unlocking process is underway. This is the preferred method because there is no damage to the safe.
  • Drilling the Safe – Drilling the safe is faster than manipulating the lock, but it can cause minor cosmetic damage to the safe. The locksmith will drill a small hole in the lock where an instrument is inserted to the hole to assist the locksmith in seeing how to open the safe.
  • Scoping the Safe – If there are additional security measures in place, the locksmith may choose to scope the safe. This is similar to drilling in that a hole is drilled into the lock. A borescope is then inserted allowing the locksmith to inspect the internal makeup of the safe to bypass the security measures and open the safe.
  • Prying and Cutting the Safe – Prying and cutting the safe should be used as a last resort. The locksmith may try to pry the safe open. Prying requires a great deal of time and energy and results in a damaged lock. This method should only be used if all other methods fail. Cutting also results in a damaged safe. The locksmith will simply cut the bolts with a saw or torch.

Safe Delivery and Installation

If you don’t have a safe, Hoffman’s will help you pick the perfect model for your home use. We sell and service free-standing floor safes, wall safes, and floor safes, and some of the most popular major brands we deal with are:

  • Amsec
  • Champion
  • Hollow
  • Sentry
  • Liberty

Hoffman’s Locksmith is located in Greenwood, MS with a 100-mile radius market area. Not only do we have a local office, but we have several road technicians to be there when you need us. We’re a family-owned and operated company that also provides automotive locksmith, residential locksmith, and commercial locksmith services. Not only do we provide excellent customer service, but we pride ourselves on having the best equipment and latest security products for our customers. We are members of NASTF, 1-800-Unlocks and Fair Trade Locksmith Directory which means you can count on us.

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