Master Key Systems

What is a Master Key System?

A master key systems is one in which a number of locks are set up to use individual keys as well as one master key that can open all the locks. High-security locks, including Medeco and Peaks lock systems, make it easy for large institutions to provide access to authorized employees and overall access to security and maintenance staff.

How Do Master Key Systems Work?

image of an apartment building and how a master key system works

If you own or manage an apartment building we can install a master key system so your property manager and maintenance crew only need the one master key to access all the different apartments.

Installing a master key system lets business owners and managers open all their locks with a single key. Hotels and apartment buildings are examples of the types of businesses that use master keys. Master keys allow entry to all doors but individual keys only open a single door for added security. The pins in the lock mechanisms are unique in each door. To make a copy of the master key or to make a new slave key, you need an experienced locksmith that specializes in master keys and has the necessary parts and tools to complete the job.

How Master Key Systems are Copied

When you need assistance with your master key systems, we come to your business to measure the cuts on the existing master key with a key gauge.

  1. First, the cuts, or grooves, are matched to the lock with precise measurements.
  2. Our technician calculates the shape of the key required based on the brand and model. This includes measuring the top and bottom pins for each cut position.
  3. We carefully test that the cut keys fit into the locks smoothly, a process that’s unique for Medeco locks and Peaks lock systems.
  4. Typically, our locksmiths will remove the keyhole plug and cylinder. This is done by tilting the knob forward and applying pressure to the keyhole plug. Then, the cylinder slides smoothly out of the knob.
  5. For many systems, the next step is removing the retaining ring from around the cylinder using a key gauge.
  6. A plastic follower from a re-keying kit is inserted into the back of this cylinder. The locksmith then pushes the keyhole plug and key out to remove the pins from the plug.
  7. The new top and bottom pins are placed in the cylinder first. Then, the assembly is reassembled and the new keys are tested and adjusted, as needed.

Besides producing new master and slave keys, we can make copies for tenants and employees in your commercial building.

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