Door & Door Frame Service

We Can Service Any Type of Door and Door Frame

Hoffman’s Locksmith is a leading professional locksmith company that serves residential, commercial, and auto customers in and around Greenwood, MS. Door and door frame services are among our specialties. From wooden to hollow metal doors, fire-rated doors and concrete-filled doors—we can service any type of door. Our professional technicians repair, replace, and install security doors and any other type of door you need. Your doors are a first line of defense—a barrier against would-be burglars and other intruders. Don’t trust your home or business security to an inexperienced or non-certified operator. Hoffman’s Locksmith is a licensed and insured company that has the expertise needed to tackle any types of doors and frames.

Types of Doors We Service

Hoffman’s Locksmith sells and installs security doors but we also service a wide array of residential and commercial doors that include:

  • Wood doors
  • Fire-rated doors
  • Hollow metal doors
  • Concrete-filled doors
  • Welded doors
  • Fiberglass doors and more

Our skilled locksmiths and professional installers have experience working with all types of exterior and interior door materials. This is important because repair work requires specific techniques depending on the door type in question. Whether you need sagging door repair or a new exterior door installation, we can provide you with efficient and professional service.

Door Frames

Sometimes when our technicians arrive at a home or business where door repair is needed, we discover that the door frame also needs attention. Even if you invest in a high-quality security door, you won’t get the protection you want if your door frame is flawed. Our technicians can carefully inspect your door frames and make any necessary repairs. A door frame repair is often needed because the associated door has been kicked in at one point. Perhaps the wood is old and cracking. Perhaps there was a moisture issue that led to your door frame vulnerabilities.

Whatever the case, we can repair and reinforce your door frame to ensure it provides the door support you need for improved protection. Some customers think that investing in a new deadbolt will solve their door security problem, but that’s not the case. If the door frame is weak, an intruder may be able to bust through in spite of the locking mechanism or the strength of the door.

Related Door and Frame Services

Hoffman’s Locksmith can handle thresholds, door lock repairs and rekeying, hardware replacement, and more. Are you looking for architectural hardware in keeping with the style of your home? No problem. We can source the exact items you’re looking for and then install them professionally. Because we offer a full spectrum of locksmith solutions, you can rely on us for most all of your security needs.

Door & frame services are among our specialties at Hoffman’s Locksmith. If you need door installation or door frame repair, contact us to schedule a service call. We also have a physical location but our mobile locksmiths will travel within 100 miles of Greenwood, MS, to serve our customers. Hoffman’s Locksmith can be found in the Fair Trade Locksmith Directory. We are also members of 1800unlocks and NASTF. If you need experienced locksmith solutions, be sure to call us. We feature affordable, upfront pricing and stand by the quality of our workmanship. Contact us to learn more.

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