High Security Locks & Keys

High-Security Locks & Keyways

A high-security locks is one that is designed to provide increased protection against manipulation. The use of high-security locks and keyways that restrict manipulation can reduce the likelihood that a burglar would be able to gain entry to your home, business or other commercial property by picking or other types of lock manipulation. Hoffman’s Locksmith & Security Doors specializes in high-security locks and keyways installation for Greenwood-area homes and businesses. We rely on our industry’s most respected manufacturers to serve our customers. If you’re in the market for high-security lock installation, consult with us.

Medeco Locks

details of a Medeco high-security lock and why it's hard to manipulate

Medeco high-security locks are an excellent choice for any home, business, or other commercial property because they’re very difficult to break into or otherwise manipulate.

Hoffman’s  carries Medeco Locks because they’re highly reliable and provide a level of security that our customers are looking for. Medeco designs a Smart Deadbolt Solution line that include high-security locks with high-security keys. The company is revered for its innovation and technology. Many of its cylinders can be retrofitted to more manufacturers’ hardware than any other high-security lock line.

Peaks Lock System

Looking for innovative locks with high-security keys that can’t be duplicated? Hoffman’s Locksmith & Security Doors routinely installs Peaks Lock systems for customers who want patented key control and can retrofit most major brands of hardware. Peaks offers a wide array of storefront hardware, door and security hardware, and replacement cylinders. Our certified locksmiths can install a Peaks locks system to enhance your security.

High-Security Lock Installation

Many high-security lock manufacturers design hardware that can be retrofitted to existing lock hardware. This isn’t always the case, but if you have a compatible piece of hardware, you can save money on high-security lock installation without having to replace your entire lock. Our professional locksmiths can install your high-security locks or deadbolts properly. Don’t trust your home or business’s security to an un-licensed operator or inexperienced technician. You could damage your lock and compromise the safety and security of your setting.

Our Mississippi Locksmiths

Hoffman’s Locksmith & Security Doors features highly trained and certified locksmiths. We screen our pros to ensure they have a clean background and the experience we demand. Customers can consult with our team to learn about the best products to fit their needs and budget. Whether you’re interested in Medeco locks, Peak Lock Systems, or other security solutions, our locksmiths can advise you and perform all the locksmith services you need.

High-security locks & keyways are a smart investment for your residential or commercial property’s security. Most burglars are looking for doors with easy access; when they run into a high-security lock, they know they have a challenge on their hands and are likely to avoid the risk. Whether you need high-security lock installation or some other security solution, you can rely on Hoffman’s Locksmiths & Security Doors. We are members of NASTF and 1800unlocks. We can also be found in the Fair Trade Locksmith Directory.

We’re Your Local, Mobile Locksmith in Greenwood, MS, and Surrounding Areas

Hoffman’s Locksmith & Security Doors is a full-service mobile locksmith company serving Greenwood, Mississippi, and surrounding areas within a 100-mile radius of the city. If you’re searching for a commercial locksmith, residential locksmith, or auto locksmith, you can trust Hoffman’s professional technicians and certified locksmiths who specialize in high-security locks & keyways. Securing your household, personnel, and property is essential, and increasingly, customers are turning to more innovative high-security locks and deadbolts. Hoffman’s Locksmith & Security Doors relies on highly respected products and manufacturers like Medeco locks and Peaks lock systems. Consult with us when you need high-security locks or high-security keys.


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