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Hoffman’s can install card readers, electric locks, cameras, and electric strikes.

Increasing security and convenience at the same time may sound like an impossibility. With access control systems from Hoffman’s Bonded Locksmith in Greenwood, MS, you really can have both. Solid electronic door locks hold fast until your key card is scanned, or for double security, card plus fingerprint scan. No keychain is needed, the access control system sorts out where employees, visitors, contractors, and others get access, and you can update it centrally. Our access control systems integration and installation team can also provide additional protection and accountability with video IP surveillance providing a record of access.

For manual door access control, we offer door buzzer systems to allow safe, remote management of visitors. At Hoffman’s Bonded Locksmith, serving companies and residential properties within 100 miles of Greenwood, MS, we provide peace of mind with commercial access systems. We’re family owned and operated, and pride ourselves on having the latest security products and the best equipment for your needs. Members of NASTF, 1800Unlocks, and the Fair Trade Locksmith Directory, we’re a solid part of our community in Greenwood, with a team of technicians operating out of our facility. Having a certified, insured, and registered locksmith working for you provides peace of mind that only skilled, knowledgeable professionals provide.

Your Phone is Your Key! and Other Keyless Access Control Methods

The key, so to speak, to electronic door lock systems is a unique way of identifying the person requesting access. It can be a fingerprint lock, keypad lock where a code is entered, proximity reader that identifies you as you pass nearby, and many other techniques. Card access techniques are the most common, often combined with a picture for visual checks by personnel. Combining two methods, especially when one is a biometric or body-based method, provides a much higher level of security when needed. The biggest difference between access management and key-based systems is that keys identify you, and access is granted not based on the key, but on the system managing the electronic door locks. You don’t have to rekey locks, just update the database to grant or revoke access.

Designing an Access Control System that Suits Your Needs

Our team is well-trained and experienced with the high-quality equipment we offer. We offer basic smart locks or keyless entry and video doorbells, commercial door access control systems for your offices, and secure access with magnetic locks for equipment storage. Always, we keep integration in mind so your security systems can grow. We also offer CCTV installation to record both entry, and also failed attempts at entry, helping you to avoid future problems. CCTV is also used to cover doors with alarmed exit devices. For secure external doors, our buzzer entry systems and Aiphone installation can give you control.

Your Commercial Access System Professionals in Greenwood, MS, and Surrounding Areas

When you need access control system services or any other commercial locksmith care, trust Hoffman’s Bonded Locksmith. Our skilled technicians provide fast response times, affordable rates, and the quality service you expect, so contact us today so we can tailor a system for your needs.

Our Access Control Services Include:

Card Access Systems Maglocks
Push Button Access Systems Door Buzzer System
Buzzer Entry Systems Proximity Readers
Fingerprint Access Systems Keypad Locks
CCTV Electronic Door Locks
Video IP Surveillance Alarmed Exit Devices
Keyless Entry Standalone Keypad Locks
Commercial Door Access Control Systems Panic Devices
Video Door Bell Smart Lock Installation
Touchless Access Control Door Repair

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