Door Jamb and Frame Repair

We Can Repair Your Commercial and Residential Door Jambs & Frames

Your home is your safe haven from the outside world. The safety of yourself, your loved ones and your home is a number one priority. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your door jambs and door frame provides the protection from burglary and unauthorized entry that you expect once you lock your doors. But, if you or someone else has kicked in a door to gain entry to the home, then the damage is going to need to be repaired. Failure to do so will mean that your safety and security is compromised. When you need a professional for repairs, no one is more qualified to provide you with door frame repair than Hoffman’s Locksmith. Our team of professionals is certified, insured and registered which means you will receive quality service at a fair price.

Door Jamb Repair

image of commercial (top) and residential (bottom) strike plates.

We can repair/replace all types of strike plates including commercial-grade electric ones (top), and all types and sizes of residential ones (bottom).

One of the weakest links in your home’s security is the strike plate. This is where the latch extends to the door frame. Once the door jamb and door frame have been compromised, there’s really no quick fix that will give you the kind of security you need for your home. For this reason, you need a qualified locksmith who has the proper tools and skills to fix the damage. Door jamb repair is one of our specialties. We can also arm your door with strike reinforcement so that the door can’t be kicked in so easily. Door jamb reinforcement involves adding steel to the wood jamb.

With door jamb reinforcement, we will install screws and a long piece of steel. This will distribute the force of a kick over a much larger area and greatly increase the strength of the door. Break-in prevention and repair will ensure your home is safe from unauthorized entry.

Door Frame Repair

The security lock and jamb is usually the last item to be installed by the contractor upon completion of construction. Their goal is to get the job done quickly and cheaply. The standard door strike plate is installed with one-inch screws. These are inadequate in burglary prevention. The locksmiths at Hoffman’s Locksmith can install four-inch long screws to tie the deadbolt strike plate to the door frame providing the necessary door jamb reinforcement. Burglary repair may also involve the installation of wrap plates to provide additional armor protection to the door and latch to aid in burglary prevention.

Service You Can Trust

Hoffman’s Locksmith is family owned and operated. We take pride in the service we provide to our customers and use only the best equipment and latest security products when servicing our customers. When you contact us, you can expect fast response times from our crew of road technicians who are waiting to come to you and solve your locksmith issue.

We have a local office in Greenwood, MS and we reach out to a 100-mile radius. Our memberships with NASTF, 1-800-Unlocks, and the Fair Trade Locksmiths Directory demonstrates our commitment to quality and high standards for which these organizations stand. When you contact us, we’ll answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today so we can provide solutions that fit your needs.

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